As some of you may know, I was recently named Director of Marketing for a company called Kaeng Raeng. Kaeng Raeng is an all natural detox diet program that helps to promote weight loss, among other things.
My good friend Lindsay Reinsmith is the founder and CEO of this company and I have a lot of respect for her and this product. I had no interest in detoxes at all until Lindsay insisted I try this product to jumpstart my weight loss. I am proud to say that I lost 4 lbs in 3 days and it has stayed off! Since September I have lost 20 lbs and I sincerely believe I owe it to having started off my healthier lifestyle by using Kaeng Raeng!
She recently started a blog called Hectic life. Healthy Girl and I really want to share it with you.
I thought this particular article was really fantastic and it was written by none other than the spectacular Lindsay, herself.
As actors, we all know how important keeping healthy is, so I wanted to share some tips for those of you who are struggling with your weight and health as I have in the past. Although I am not vegetarian and I will most likely choose to have a beer or a big juicy steak when offered, these are some rules that I have been living by before I even read this article. Enjoy!!! 🙂
By: Lindsay Reinsmith
1. Skinny girls only eat real food. Processed, highly artificial foods were created with addictive delicious ingredients (on the cheap) to make sure you keep eating them! It’s one of the reasons you can’t eat just one potato chip, or why you find yourself gorging over sugar when you’re not that hungry. Skinny girls don’t think twice about fake food – they’ll choose an apple over a McDonalds cheeseburger and receive the same filling of “full” without the chemicals and calories. Make a pledge to only eat REAL food – food without any artificial flavors or colors, food that’s from the earth instead of a lab, and see how you feel. You’ll make smarter choices and eat fewer calories.
2. Skinny girls spend more time (and sometimes more money) selecting food. This is related to reason number 1. Real food, in general, is more expensive and can take more time than fake food, but eating right should always be a priority. Devote an hour to going to the grocery store. Carefully read labels, go out of your way to get to a farmer’s market, and make selecting food an enjoyable experience rather than a chore. Grabbing a quick bite on the road is a sure ticket to a fat ass!
3. Skinny girls eat slowly. Remember when your mom told you to slow down because you wouldn’t be able to taste your food? Girls who take their time eating will feel full without having to eat everything on their plate. Eating slowly gives your digestive system time to catch up to your hunger zones in your brain. Plus, food was meant to be enjoyed. What’s the rush?
4. Skinny girls are willing to let food go to waste. This is related to reason number 3. Especially if you’re on a budget, it’s normal to think you have to eat what’s in front of you otherwise it will go to waste. Global hunger and lack of access to fresh water are sad issues, but just because you ate that extra piece of cake doesn’t solve world poverty. Skinny girls will let part of their meal go in the disposal. If you’re really concerned, invest in food storage and refrigerate or freeze the last bits of food you didn’t want.
5. Skinny girls eat breakfast. Even if it’s just a banana, having calories early in the morning helps you eat a smaller lunch and jumpstarts your metabolism.
6. Skinny girls drink from the cup, not the carton. Studies show that by pouring food or beverages into a smaller container like a glass or bowl, you can consume up to 30% fewer calories than eating straight from the carton or jug. Forcing yourself to get up from the couch for a refill will keep you from finishing off an entire pint of ice cream. Eating treats and snacks in small dosages is perfectly fine – but it’s all about moderation. This goes back to reason number 3. If you’re eating smaller portions, you’re likely to eat more slowly and savor the food, which will make you feel fuller faster.
7. Skinny girls don’t drink diet soda. Just don’t drink it. It makes you crave sugar and contains sodium which makes you retain water. Choose water instead (or tea).
8. Skinny girls love soup. Soup, since it is water-based, can be a great way to get fuller faster without excess calories. Soups are also easy to make – pick one day a week to make 2 or 3 different soups, then freeze them. Microwave when you’re ready and enjoy! Many canned soups are perfectly healthy and calorie controlled. Remember to eat only real food, though!
9. Skinny girls sip, not slug, cocktails. If you want to drink and stay skinny, you can! Just don’t get sloshed. Skinny girls order fewer drinks and sip them slowly. This will keep away the calories and is far classier than jello shots and keg stands.
10. Skinny girls are willing to eat alone. Social eating is one of the fastest ways to get fat. Remember college? One of the reasons women put on the freshman 15 is not because the food is necessarily worse than what they were having at home. It’s because eating is a social event. You’re going to spend more time around food (and likely more time in restaurants where the food is highly caloric) if you’re a social eater. Skinny girls are fine to have meals at home alone. They’ll cook dinner for one and enjoy it slowly with TV or music. Do you have to eat with others often due to work or family reasons? That’s OK! Remember to eat slowly and choose food wisely at restaurants.
11. Skinny girls are willing to be high maintenance. This is related to reason number 10. Skinny girls are willing to bother the waiter at a restaurant for what they want. Want the dressing on the side? A different dressing? How about no cheese? Or wanting your meat cooked a specific way? Or substituting a salad for the french fries? Ask for it! That’s their JOB as servers, it’s to SERVE you. Don’t get upset if they give you a hard time – you’re entitled to eat only what you want, so ask for it! Ordering straight off the menu and eating the calories you didn’t want is a fast track to fathood!
12. Skinny girls enjoy the outdoors. This isn’t necessarily so, but healthy skinny girls typically enjoy walking, hiking, jogging, and other outdoor activities. Make a pact to do at least one thing outdoors per week or weekend. You’ll spend more time exercising than you would at the gym and it’s more relaxing.
13. Skinny girls will choose the vegetarian option when available. Not all skinny girls are vegetarian, but studies show substituting vegetables for meat dishes every now and again can help cut back on calories and improve digestion.
14. Skinny girls don’t chew gum. Chewing sugar or sugar free gum will make you crave more sugar. It can also fill your stomach with gas, which causes flatulence and bloating.
15. Skinny girls do exercise, but it’s not something they worry about. Ok, so not everyone loves the gym. And that’s OK. You don’t have to obsess over fitness to be thin. In fact, skinny girls are almost apathetic about it. They won’t let the gym, or any exercise, stress them out. Over thinking about food or exercise can lead to yo you weight patterns, frustration, stress, and disappointment. Having a healthy attitude about exercise, that it’s something one should do but it’s not the end of the world if you skip a workout, is your best bet for having the right mind set.