What better way to start off a blog than to talk about the Grammy Awards?

This year was not my first, but my SECOND year to work the Grammy Awards with the Art Department.
My older brother, Evan happens to have some very generous friends from college who were willing to give lil old me a chance to work on something pretty spectacular two years in a row! These friends happen to have been the Art Directors of the Grammy Awards for the past 5 years. Awesome.. I know…

Can you believe I managed to put 750 miles on my car in 3 weeks!? On the bright side that was 200 miles less than last year…

Honestly though, for any actor or anyone starting out in the entertainment industry, being a PA is the BEST way to begin. You meet a LOT of different people and you will know your way around Los Angeles by the end of the project. It’s true–It only took me two years, but I finally know the side streets to take home from downtown LA without using my GPS! It took me a year–but I am beginning to become less dependent on it.

My highlights from this year were hands-down Lady Gaga and Beyonce.
I wish all artists were as professional and talented as these two ladies are.
I mean, everyone involved in this show was a class act, but Lady Gaga really impressed me. She was very vocal about her appreciation for the work that the art dept did on the design. So… Kudos, Brian! Lady Gaga is your fan. 🙂

Until next year…

Shout-out to University Miami Alumni Josh Henry who is currently part of the cast of American Idiot. So proud of you!!!:

I have to acknowledge the Genius of the Art Department: Production Design by Brian Stonestreet, Art Direction by Alana Billingsley and Kristen Merlino.

You can see their genius combined with Lady Gaga here:

Beyonce invented FIERCE: