So, yesterday my friend Caitlin and I made a pact to be each other’s workout buddies. Even if we can’t manage to get together to workout, we’re going to call each other to make sure the other has worked out for the day!

We ended up having a rehearsal canceled, so we decided to use the time wisely. She brought over this exercise DVD called “Turbo Jam.”

I took one look at the cover and almost died laughing. I mean look at it: These people look so RIDICULOUS! They HAVE to know what they look like, right?

I had introduced Caitlin to my Jillian Michaels DVDs, which you all know I am religious about. So, I figured it was only fair that I try out her DVDs. She is in pretty fierce shape–so it can’t be all bad, right?

We ended up doing the 45 minute “Cardio Party” workout and I nearly died!!! Yes, the DVD is cheesy but oh my goodness did I get my butt kicked! You want to know why those people look like that on that cover? Because they’re in amazing shape and they got paid to do that workout once.

My thoughts…
The music was fun–think cheesy revved-up versions of “Blame it on the Boogie”, the instructor had so much energy I think she might have been on speed, and my entire body is hurting right now for the first time in MONTHS!

I’m excited to see the results of doing these workouts on a regular basis.

Care to join me in the Turbo Jam challenge? I’ll keep you posted on the weight loss and inches lost soon…