It’s days like today that make me want to crawl under a rock and hide. People wonder why I sort of cringe when I have to admit I’m an actor… especially in LA!
Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE what I do with all my heart and soul. But let’s get real: Actors don’t have the best reputations.

So here’s what really triggered that little rant…

Today I stumbled across another brilliant blog post by a Casting Director named Paul Russell. If you don’t know who he is yet you either:
A) …haven’t been reading my blog that long (since every other post I put on here is from his backstage blog)
B) …aren’t involved as an active participant in the NY casting community.

I usually find his posts while skimming the advice section of

But today I saw a facebook post from him that caught my eye:

This really disturbed me. So I decided to follow this link to said blog…. And this is the idiocy that I found:

Now here is the kick ass response from Paul and someone calling themselves “former agent” (I couldn’t fit the entire thing on a print screen):

Former agent 
March 02, 2011
First off…I can’t believe you called Paul Russell a “bonehead”! He is an unbelievable writer, casting director, director, and industry professional–overall. If you think that his job isn’t a “real job”, then maybe you need not audition at all for any casting directors in your future. He labors mostly pro bono, brings you these articles for free, and most importantly…he is one of the few casting directors that I have ever known who really cares about actors! I was an agent/agency owner for 20 years, and I have to tell you that you just called out one of the best industry pro’s that this business has to offer. Your comments are as good as the old crumpled Diet Coke cans in the landfills of Secaucus…good grief Mr. Spelvini–get a friggin life!!!

Permit me a bitchy moment, please: One can only hope that this Georgio Spelvini ends up in front of another industry professional someday to be publicly told to his face “You’re a dick” for what he said.

Way to go, buddy. You just screwed yourself with one of the top industry professionals out there and probably many others who will soon know your story.

Let this be a lesson to us all…

  1.  Don’t put anything on the internet that might bite you in the ass (yes, that means on facebook or your blog or even just commenting on someone else’s posts).
  2. Pull your head out of you ass and listen to the advice people have to offer you. You are more than welcome to disagree with it. Hell, you can even HATE what they have to say. But most of the time don’t deny the fact that the reason you hate it is because you know it’s true..
  3. Do your fucking homework! If this guy had any clue who he was calling a “bonehead” he would NEVER have posted something like that. Or maybe he did know and he’s just that stupid.

Tomorrow I plan to post the article that prompted this idiotic behavior because I definitely think it’s one worth reading.