4 Mar, 2011

The Ugly of Our Trade

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As I promised yesterday, here it is...THE UGLY OF OUR TRADEBy: Paul RussellFrom: Backstage.comRecently I was talking to an agent regarding two actors I had brought to his/her agency. For the sake of clarity and protection of all involved, I'll name her Sue. (Why oh why do I hear Johnny Cash in the background?)Sue was [...]

25 Feb, 2011

45 Recycled Actors Who Suck

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By: Bob FraserFrom: TheProfessionalActor.comA while back I saw a post on one of the many groups I belong to that was touting a new website, selling ‘pages’ to actors. It was a post filled with lies, half truths and completely mad conclusions about actors and acting careers. It got me sort of angry.Here’s some of the [...]

11 Feb, 2010

Advice: Ask a Professional: A Day in Your Office

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To all my industry friends: especially those of you who are graduating seniors getting ready to head out in to the real world--this is some excellent advice for you on how you might want to get started...From Backstage.comA DAY IN YOUR OFFICEIf actors were to spend a day with you in your office, what would they learn that would [...]