19 Feb, 2011

10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Deciding to Become an Actor

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By: Jackie ApodacaFrom Backstage.comBuilding and maintaining an acting career is a daunting endeavor, especially in the early years, when you've got so little idea about how to navigate the terrain. Here's a list I've pulled together, with help from some folks with a few years of experience under their belts, of things I wish I [...]

18 Feb, 2011

Creating the Ultimate Actor Website

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Once upon a time I hired a well respected website designer in the theater community. I was very happy with my website. It was simple, clean and straight-forward. I had a brand coming out of college! Yay!Sadly my website designer fell off the face of the earth right around the time my career started picking [...]

17 Feb, 2011

Staying On The Radar

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By: Jamie Painter YoungFrom Backstage.com Targeted mailings can work for savvy actors.Actor Anna Nugent was frustrated when trying to come up with a selling point she could use to promote herself to agents and casting directors—one that she felt good about and that rang true to her. Then she had an epiphany one night while [...]

16 Sep, 2010

Performers Discover the Downside of Twitter

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By Zorianna Kit September 15, 2010From Backstage.comLOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Is celebrities' obsession with Twitter starting to wane?When singer John Mayer, one of Twitter's most high profile users with 3.7 million followers, shut his account on Monday, he was just the latest celebrity to quit the micro-blogging site.Some stars are finding that Twitter may be [...]

4 Mar, 2010

Actors Effectively Exploiting Social Networks

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This is my kind of article!Being the deemed "Queen of Facebook" by my friends at the Upright Cabaret, I can proudly say that social media and networking sites are key marketing tools these days. Example: Lady Gaga is awesome and most of us know it. But if it weren't for Perez Hilton's support and coverage on his website, she might [...]